That Was Cat for 'Show Me Your Junk'

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By Unknown
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Turns Out There are Still Enough People on Chatroulette to Conduct a Talk Show

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Ah Yes Gentleman, a Very Unique Troll

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Via Harshfx2
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This May Be the Worst Father You'll See All Year

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Chatroulette Love

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By Trainiac

Hey Bebbeh, Wanna See My Instrument?

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By Unknown
chatroulette miley cyrus wrecking ball - 56531713

Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball (The Chatroulette Version)

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Are You a Boy or a Girl?

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Seeing is Believing

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By TheLazahKing

I Am Your Father!

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By Jesusinthehood

Dongs, Dongs Everywhere

chatroulette trolling conspiracy keanu faptimes - 6173914368
See all captions By kylelaskowski

I Bet They're Doing It

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By Unknown


chatroulette Awkward saw Guy Fawkes - 6678248448
By seakiller15

Another Fake Bieber

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By Unknown
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Daily What: Chatroulette Style

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There's Something Scary Behind You

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By Doodlepeg
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