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Pie chart caption that reads, "Time spent in the shower" with 10% being for getting clean and the other 90% being for the hot water
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These Mildly Offensive Chart Memes Will Satisfy Your Inner Basic

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15+ Charts That Will Accurately Sum Up Your Entire Life

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Funny charts and graphs about the life cycles of memes.

14 Charts That Attempt To Explain The Crazy Life Cycle Of Memes

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The Skyrim Cycle


The Dark Souls Experience

you died charts dark souls funny - 7471077376
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Come at Us, Bros...

guns charts - 8152781312

Fear Has a Very Precise Hierarchy

fear charts infographics - 8434556928

Guide to American Politics

charts politics - 8392412416
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American Cities: More Productive Than Many Countries Out There

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Beverage Logic

charts water web comics - 8259695872
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Analysis of a Sneeze Versus a Toot

charts farts sad but true web comics - 8236173568
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It is the Foundation of Everything

charts wifi - 8202448128

Here's Where Cheap Beers Are Most Popular

beer alcohol charts - 8138341376
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Getting Back Together: A Handy-Dandy Flowchart

charts relationships Wait For It dating breakups - 8122081280
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