I Gotta Know

Tumblr pic of an old game boy featuring a fat Pikachu figurine next to a Gameboy DS with a skinnier Pikachu figurine; Tumblr user comments, "Old school vs. new school - Pikachu, what's your secret?"
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Let It All Out

Sad Pokémon gaming charmander Memes dad texting video games funny crying - 9178267904
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Play it cool

charmander anxiety - 9000604160
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webcomic cartoon illustration art pokemon sorry kid i'm not lettin' ya in here tonight. you're underage! i know a fake id when i see one. bouncer at the club refusing fake charizard card from underaged charmander
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Dear Lord...

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Charmander is Evolving, Quickly!

gif pokemon memes charmander evolution gif charizard charmeleon
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Shartmander Takes Over


Cuteness Overload

pokemon memes charmander tail chasing gif
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Is It Monday Already?

pokemon memes charmander tired gif
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IRL charmander Video - 69930497

I Think This Trainer Got a Defective Charmander

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What if Charmander Was a Different Type?

charmander Fan Art Pokémon pokemon types - 8428411392
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From Your Auntie With Love...

charmander sarcasm Pokémon Nailed It - 8334396928
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Pokémon ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Pokémon cubone charmander pikachu ice bucket challenge - 8299977216
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Poor Charmander

Sad charmander ice bucket challenge - 8294108416
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The Very Best Birthday Cake

cake Pokémon IRL charmander - 8291693056
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Better to Know That Now Then When It's Too Late

charmander relationships web comics - 8262769408
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