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'[As] long as you are breathing, you can pivot': Commenters share inspiring stories about changing careers later in life

You can literally do anything
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Dramatic Character Arcs It's Hard to See Coming

A complete 180
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Every Damn Year

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Funny memes about a petition on to change the word no to yesn't, reddit, r/yesnt.

Viral Campaign Is Trying To Change The Word 'No' To 'Yesn't'

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The Important Thing is They're Just as Sad

web comics adults change The Important Thing is They're Just as Sad
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It'll Be Fine During Winter!

web comics cars change It'll Be Find During Winter!
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You Don't Know My Life!

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The Customer is Always Screwed

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Created by Smoking_Fish

Winning at Consuming

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I love vending machines

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Nineteen One-Dollar Bills Feels Like a Million Dollars

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Created by Joney_

One of the Most Unsatisfying GIFs of All Time

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The Tao of Dad

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Why I Hate People

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Created by sombreropuppy

The More They Stay the Same

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