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Guy Divides Opinion With Bizarre Method Of “Sitting” On A Chair

How does he get out?
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Notice Me

Funny meme about strength
Via @memebase

Poor Arthur, and All His Sappy Sentiments

Via Poorly Drawn Lines

You Don't Pass the Test

wtf gifs chairs - 8541964800
By Unknown

Stuck in the Drink Holder

gifs chairs cute Cats - 8541214208
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)
chairs trolltube Video - 72760577

When Patio Furniture Comes Alive

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Why Cats Should Never Buy Mobile Homes

gifs chairs Cats - 8507522816
By mamawalker

Very Funny, Guys


Well, The Work Day Was Going Fine

FAIL gifs chairs - 8482260480
By Unknown

The struggle is real

whoops FAIL gifs chairs Cats - 8466086144
By anselmbe

I've Been Expecting You

Babies chairs gifs kids - 8453448704
By Unknown

One Relaxed Pooch

gifs chairs - 8445086976
By Unknown

Is That Really The Most Comfortable Place You Found to Sleep?

gifs puppies chairs sleep - 8445715968
By Unknown

This is How They Play Darts in Straya

rage wtf gifs australia chairs - 8425851136
By Unknown

Hey, Sup?

gifs chairs sitting Cats - 8413808384
Via GIF Bin

Just Out of Reach

frustration gifs chairs - 8371610880
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)
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