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Funniest Celine Dion Memes That Will Make Your Heart Go On and On

If you know anything about the pop star, is that she's a wonderful goofball and is the BEST meme muse.
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His Heart Will Go On

Meme using a play on words with 'My Heart Will Go on' by Celine Dion, where instead she says, "Nearquaad, Farquaad, wherever you arequaad"
Via Jonesy9109
Funny twitter thread about Celine Dion's mixtape.

Celine Dion's Instagram Has Inspired An Amazing Explosion Of Hip-Hop Puns

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Don't Wanna Be...

shoop obama celine dion similar sounding - 7031328000
Created by anthropocene

A Moment of Silenced Phones

titanic celine dion 3d movies - 6325734912
Created by Biggmac4444

Fiber Into You

celine dion literalism name similar sounding - 6149722624
Via Punblr

Whitney Houston: Simply The Best.

celine dion drugs Memes rip tina turner whitney houston - 5825963264
Created by volvosneverdie


back celine dion contraction double meaning literalism - 5688808704
Via No You Shut Up
celine dion fake mashup titanic Video - 30408193

I Don't Know If a Voice Coach Can Save You...

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The Song That Will Go On

celine dion Pie Chart titanic - 5388272640
Created by SammyPrimer

The Pros and Cons of Canada

Canada celine dion french justin bieber Maps - 4496325120
Created by PHUNNEMAN

Baby, Baby, Baby, Eh?

baby Canada celine dion justin bieber Pie Chart - 4474934528
Created by Lord_Samael