Make Sure You Put It Back in the Right Place!

cds IRL nostalgia - 8760602624
Created by Unknown

Tyler the Confused

cds coasters idiots - 7892047616
Created by Unknown

How to Erase CDs

cds mindwarp gifs data lightning - 8332133888
Created by anselmbe

We've Gone Full Circle Now

Music cds now Walmart - 8293982464

The Battle Lines Have Been Drawn

Music ipod cds swag computer guy - 7799940096
Created by ScreamoSolider

I Didn't Have the Money Anyway

cds piracy poker face buying music - 7459805952
Created by dragonpirate12

The Scratch of Satan

cds Challenge Accepted computer games - 7316968704
Created by Unknown

Bass Destroys Music

Music subwoofers cds gifs bass - 7111667712
Created by Unknown

I Sure Hope She Doesn't Ask for It Back

cds relationships - 7065040896
Created by Unknown

Too Much Love Will Kill You

art cds love Music queen - 6552281600
Created by ChasmSpasm ( Via Boredpanda )

CD Dragon

art cds dragon wtf - 6352647680
Created by Unknown

Who Still Buys CDs?

cds hipster Music Rage Comics - 4974399488
Created by Unknown

Just Burning Some CDs

burning cds computers wtf - 4855769088
Created by Snake73


albums cds covers - 3209665536
Created by tangram


albums cds covers green day Music - 2542584576
Created by John_Dope


albums cds covers Music - 2367517952
Created by jbmorgan86
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