Video of all the times a character screams "my leg" in Spongebob

Please Enjoy This Video Of All The Times Someone Screams 'MY LEG' In Spongebob

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Tumblr text that reads, "If no one comes from the future to stop you from doing it then how bad of a decision can it really be;" someone comments, "I think this will be my graduation quote"
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I Just Don't Think Mr. T is Cut Out for the Food Service Industry

catchphrase Ad job the a-team work McDonald's mr t - 6847340800
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Ain't Nobody Got Thyme Fo Dat!

catchphrase time recipe thyme homophone double meaning - 6977945856
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Smashing Pumpkins

catchphrase pumpkins smashing pumpkins literalism smashing nigel thornberry double meaning - 6730373632
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Still Better Than All of Mr. Freeze's Dialog, TBH

Arnold Schwarzenegger catchphrase groan-inducing love similar sounding terminator - 6529672960
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You Sher Locked Into That One, Emma

answer catchphrase double meaning emma watson literalism name question Sherlock sherlock holmes term - 6436543232
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A Female Deer!

catchphrase deer doe homer homophone the simpsons the sound of music - 6384913152
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The Series Makes So Much More Sense Now...

catchphrase Hall of Fame literalism power rangers similar sounding - 6240608768
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Gives New Meaning to 'Going Commando'

catchphrase double entendre double meaning Hall of Fame innuendo - 6218439936
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Use the... Mojo?

catchphrase Hall of Fame name obi-wan kenobi prefix similar sounding star wars - 6224619008
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SMP Classic: So Long, Farewell, Ackbardersehen, Goodbye!

ackbar admiral ackbar catchphrase classic Hall of Fame star wars Star Wars Day the sound of music trap von trapp - 6188030464
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The Latest Casualty in the Homer Games

catchphrase the simpsons - 6166659328
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It Always Is

admiral ackbar catchphrase Reframe trap - 6051835648
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The Commercial Featuring Bill Murray Really Sells it!

bill murray butter catchphrase Ghostbusters goat quote similar sounding Theme Song - 5678392576
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It Would Surely Be a Huge Success

catchphrase Hall of Fame how i met your mother i am legend juxtaposition legendary mashup Movie Neil Patrick Harris quote shoop - 5588275456
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