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These Candy Heart Comics Are A Depressingly Real Look At Dating & Relationships

Want to feel like absolute shit about love in a digital world? Well, cartoonist Tommy Siegel has some cartoons for you! He's taken Necco's (RIP) classic conversation hearts and put a seriously dark spin on the Valentine's confection. Instead of cutesy messages, he uses the hearts as to convey some seriously depression truths about dating, relationships, and marriage. And somehow, we can't get enough of his dark work. If you like what you see here, give the dude a follow on Instagram. He deserves it. 

Funny web comics featuring candy hearts, dark humor, tommy siegel, relationships, dating, love, marriage. | HALF- LISTENING AND PLANNING WILL SAY ABOUT IS TALK ABOUT MYSELF TIME MYSELF loay | IM DRUNBK BORED
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