Reddit thread about a Dastardly Boss Banning Cashiers From Drinking Water On The Job

Dastardly Boss Bans Cashiers From Drinking Water On The Job

I never felt less like a human being than when I worked a customer service job . Something about always having to be productive, getting harassed by customers, and not being allowed to sit and catch a break really tears you down. Your needs are not being prioritized at all, and as a result, you're physically and mentally exhausted by the end of your shift. In situations like these, a manager can make or break your experience. At my old job, I was lucky enough to have managers that would stick u…
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Man Experiences Chaos At The Self-Checkout After A Cat Sits On His Groceries

There’s nothing like the unique brand of stress that comes with using a store’s self-checkout . Not only do you have to scan and bag everything by yourself, you have to deal with the whims of a temperamental retail robot and sometimes stand there for minutes at a time waiting for an actual staff member if things go wrong. Mistakes happen often, but they’re not always unwelcome. When @reecebrierley1 went to get groceries, he probably wasn’t expecting any of his items to be alive. Yet in a video …
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Cashier Displays Champion Grocery Scanning Skills, Not Everyone Is Impressed

No matter what some might say, there really is no such thing as unskilled labor. Whether they’re making your coffee or mopping the floor, pretty much anyone who works for an hourly rate has had to refine what they do until it’s something close to an art form (or at least decent enough that it isn’t going to get them fired). When people don’t always show their gratitude and a raise can be hard to come by, it’s no wonder that some enjoy showing off by taking their skills to social media. This see…
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Probably Makes You Feel Real Important

Funny meme about a grocery store cashier knowing the code for bread while another cashier looks on
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Funny meme about new cashier opening up
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Caption that reads, "'Would you like to donate $1 to help the poor?' Me: 'Lol there is a 90% chance this card is gonna get declined. I am the poor'" above a stock photo of a cashier taking a card from a customer
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Grocery Stores Need To Get It Together

American Chopper meme about being at a self-checkout and having the machine say that there's an 'unexpected item in the bagging area'
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It's True

Tweet that reads, "Little secret about me: my answer to the question 'would you like a receipt' is based on absolutely nothing and changes all the time"
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Pic of someone holding a 'Walmart associate choir' with a tweet that reads, "Omg this explains why there is only three lanes open because they're in the back working on their next album"
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Yes, this does happen every time

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Yeah. That Never Gets Old.

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I Needed It for My Gum

cashier i lied Rage Comics - 4913956352
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I Hate Effort Duplication...

are you kidding me cashier fast food - 8295342336
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Cashier RAGE!

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Have a Nice Day, B***h

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Who Invented These Stupid Self-Checkouts?

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