Funny tweets from Shanna Shi about pokemon that have the same hair as major league players

Pokémon And MLB Players Collide In This Hilarious Twitter Thread

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The Best Thoughts Always Come While In The Shower

Text that reads, "Me during an argument" above a pic of Scared Hamster next to text that reads, "Me thinking about the argument in the shower" above a still of a buff cartoon hamster running on a hamster wheel
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The Song Of My People

Caption that reads, "ABCDEFGHIJK" above a still of a kids' cartoon character singing, "Ella mella pee"
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Aw F*ck

Caption that reads, "When you wake up and check your phone to see how much longer you can sleep, but it's right before your alarm rings" above a pic of a character from Rick and Morty lying in bed looking at his alarm clock
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All Students Know This Feeling

Stills of Spongebob telling Patrick to get a jar; Patrick gets a pickle and Spongebob says, "Patrick, that's a pickle;" Tumblr comment below that reads, "When you have no idea what the f*ck is going on in class anymore"
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No, They Don't

Caption that reads, "I'm not sure Disney fully understands what a pirate is" above a pic of Disney pirate cartoon characters holding up a sign that reads, "A good pirate never takes another person's property!"
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Various Memes

36 Various Memes That'll Make Your Day Just A Little Funnier

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Why Does This Always Happen?

Funny meme about how all the heat of the microwave goes straight to the bowl and not your food.
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*Raises Hand*
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hilarious cartoon logic pics

31 Hilariously Enlightening Memes That Demonstrate How Absurd Cartoon Logic Is

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Comic About Being A New Mom

Comic About The Trials Of Being A New Mom Is A Hilarious Way To Scare The Pregnant Women In Your Life

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Why Is This So Hard?

Caption that reads, "When you're drunk AF trynna send a 'WYD' text" above a pic of Vegita from Dragon Ball Z appearing to text with one eye closed
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Why Am I Like This

Caption that reads, "When you're mad but you don't know why you're mad and you're being rude and wanna stop being rude but can't because you're mad" above a pic of angry Spongebob
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OH God, Anything But That

Funny meme about going to sleep and thinking about existence.
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shady cartoon network regular show cartoons - 6841861

'Mordecai Punches Rigby' Is A Comical Meme That Exposes Ulterior Motives

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Funny meme about high school
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