Funniest Little Mermaid Memes in Response to to the Overwhelming Reaction to the 2023 Remake

Funniest 'Little Mermaid' Memes in Response to to the Overwhelming Reaction to the 2023 Remake

It doesn't seem that people have much reason to get angry
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Hair-Raising Thread Sees 'Simpsons' Fans Find Iconic Characters in Historical Art

Like the prophecy foretold
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Brutal Portraits from Hawaiian Caricaturist Amuse and Horrify Twitter

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A compilation of memes about King of the Hill

King of the Hill Memes For Dang Ol' Superfans

King of the Hill remains one of the greatest sitcoms ever made. It's one of those shows that doesn't rely on hokey humor and cares deeply about telling a compelling slice of life narrative of a middle-class family. The show works so well because all of its characters are realistically flawed. Hanks is emotionally stunted, Peggy is narcissistic, and Bobby is practically perfect in every way. Everybody needs a friend group like Hank, including one guy who's getting cucked, a textbook loser, and o…
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A compilation of Rick and Morty themed memes

Rick And Morty Memes For Pickle Rick Enthusiasts

The 90s and 2000s ushered in a golden age for adult cartoons on TV. With legendary shows like The Simpsons, South Park, and Family Guy coming onto the scene, television audiences learned that cartoons weren't just for kids or 1970s adult movie theater audiences. These shows found fans with people of so many different demographics and pushed the boundaries of what cartoons could be. As the 2010s rolled in, Rick and Morty showed that the future of adult cartoons wasn't about repeating the success…
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An article about the Twitter beef between director Jordan Peele and cartoonist Adam Ellis over whether Peele is the greatest horror director of all time.

Jordan Peele Rejects Fans Claim That He's The Greatest Horror Director Of All Time

There's a reason people tell you never to meet your heroes . Your favorite actors, comedians, and directors will always be a worse version of what you build them up as in your mind. Many celebrities live in their fans' consciousness as not only perfect artists but also perfect people. Even when you feel you're giving your favorite artist the praise and accolades they deserve, they might take that as creepy, too much, or just plain wrong. The third case is what happened this week between former…
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Funny  stories about cartoonish events that happened in real life

People Share the Most Slapstick and Cartoonish Situations They've Witnessed or Experienced

For many people, cartoons have been an important part of life. I was absolutely forbidden from watching them on our crappy 80's television, but that didn't stop me from sneaking downstairs at five in the morning to watch Sailor Moon at a very, very low volume. Instead of watching that magical anime series, my parents graciously allowed us to watch a whole lot of very antiquated Disney VHS tapes. These old Disney cartoons (some of them featuring mainstays such as Donald Duck and Goofy) relied on…
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Funny 'King of the Hill' Memes for Dads Who Love Propane

I tell you hwhat, King of the Hill memes will never get old. There's something extra funny about a meme featuring Hank Hill, perhaps because a real-life Hank Hill would have no idea what the hell a meme is. He'd be one of those technologically challenged dads who confuses text messaging with Google search. Even though the iconic animated sitcom ended over a decade ago, King of the Hill is the gift that keeps on giving in the meme world. Keep scrolling for a bunch of weird King of the Hill memes…
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A Collection of Peoples' Favorite Visual Gags From "The Simpsons"

Comedy gold
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15+ Cursed And Unhinged Images That Cater To Disgruntled Boomers

It's (boomer) media
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20+ SpongeBob Memes Fresh From Bikini Bottom

Are ya ready, kids?
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Funny memes using the two guys on a bus format, dank memes, ironic memes, shitposting, twitter

'Two Guys On a Bus' is Twitter's New Favorite Meme Format

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Funny moments from kids' TV shows that include adult jokes | This room is way creepy. Not as creepy as Dippers internet history! | NICE MEET ROBIN, IM HE MADE US HIS LABORATORY BY ACCIDENT. PROFESSOR S OKAY, PROFESSOR AN ACCIDENT, TOO.

Clever Adult Moments From Your Favorite Kids' TV Shows

Some jokes we definitely didn't grasp as kids!
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They Actually Got Christopher Lloyd to Play Rick Sanchez in Live-Action 'Rick & Morty' Promo

'Rick & Morty' comes full circle
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Nail Tech Delights The Internet By Doing Set For Seven Year Old Brother

Whether it's a girlfriend, a family member or even a colleague , most of us know a person who's really into nails. They're rarely seen out and about without their fingertips adorned with a fresh set, and they might even get their hands featured on the Instagram of their nail tech. However, it appears that the role of nail model is not as sought after as you might think. If @setsbyloraine is anything to go by, desperate times call for desperate measures. Lacking anyone else to model for her, she…
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20+ Classic Memes & Iconic Moments From Family Guy

Giggity giggity
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