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Mom, Stop

Funny meme about a mom telling her kid's secret to everyone at the dinner table | The secret told my mom not to tell anyone about the whole family and the dinner tables
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Tweet that reads, "My roommate, who teaches sixth graders, has informed me that middle schoolers have started carrying around 'reverse' cards from Uno, so anytime someone insults them they bust out the card and reverse the burn. Cutting. Edge"
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Foolproof Conversation-Ruiner

Object-label meme where people playing cards represent "Innocent people just trying to talk" and a guy about to slap his cards down on the table represents "That's what she said"
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He Gon Get Shut Down

Child playing Uno with an adult
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kickstarter cyanide and happiness card game web comics - 78104065

Cyanide & Happiness is Making Their Own Card Game Called "Joking Hazard"

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card game uno Y U No Guy - 4312421376
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card game Memes uno Y U No Guy - 4153677056
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