A tweet about a landlord being mad at his tenant for keeping a tire in the garage

Landlord Hassles Tenant For Having a Spare Tire in His Garage

Landlords : you can't live with them and I wish we could live without them, but most of us can't. I'm lucky that I haven't had any horrible landlord experiences yet, but I'm sure one is on the horizon. From the horror stories I've heard, I'm confident that at least 50% of landlords are fully incompetent at their jobs, and that honestly sounds like a generous estimate. In the tradition of horrible landlord stories, Buzzfeed writer Tim Unkenholz shared a painfully hilarious exchange he had with h…
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A compilation of memes about road trips for those traveling home for the holidays

Road Trip Memes For Those Going Home For The Holidays

There's nothing like home for the holidays! While I love seeing my family and eating some delicious turkey together, traveling during the last month and a half of the year can be a bit stressful. The airports and packed, and the roads are even more packed. I find road trips a lot more stressful than going to the airport. This year, I had a harrowing road trip experience that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. The night before me and my group of friends were supposed to drive two states over, th…
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A compilation of memes about urbanists and urbanism

Urbanist Memes For Public Transit Enjoyers

Say no to cars
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A compilation of funny memes about cars and car fans

Car Memes For Motorheads

Being obsessed with your car is a hobby I can respect. It's objectively way cooler than collecting meaningless objects or mindlessly watching something. I may not own a car because I'm literally addicted to taking the train and the bus, but in my heart of hearts, I can't truly be a hater of dudes who just love their cars. I feel like there are two kinds of transportation hobbyist guys who are constantly at odds with each other online: the car guys and the urbanist public transit guys. Urbanists…
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A compilation of car themed memes

Car Memes For Car Dudes

Throughout my college experience, I had one car-obsessed friend who was the light of my life. His name is Yuvraj, and there is nothing he loves more than his vehicles. He took people to go racing with him, always drove people in our friend group to events, and made his hobby fun for others. It's rare for a grad student to tell you about his niche hobby and not be extremely annoyed by it. Yuvraj was the rare exception to this rule. In the three years I've known him, his love of cars never ceased…
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Seductive Car Wash Trend is Going Viral and Everyone is Taking It Way Too Far With Their Own Sensual Spin On Things

Get wet.
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apple, car, iphone, vehicle, mouse, design, design fail, funny twitter

Apple Fails To Impress After Revealing Self-Driving Car Design

A mouse with wheels
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gas, fuel, car, truck, vehicle, debate, stealing, tiktok, controversial, wtf

Outraged Woman Starts Debate After Allegedly Getting Gas Stolen

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siblings, tires, cars, brother, sister, mechanic, scam, funny, tiktok

Girl Causes Brother’s Meltdown After Paying $100 To Put Air In Tires

Supportive sibling relationships >
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Funny Reddit thread about road trip | r/AMA /raheemthegreat 9h Im an irritated mother on road trip. AMA actually her son, but since she forced come with rest family ask her anything want.

Irritated Mom Answers All Of Reddit's Juiciest Questions

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Much Better

Funny meme about a car's tank being empty, but looking like it has some left when you look at it from a different angle
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Roooaad Triiiiip!

Tweet that reads, "People who think Americans won't take trains if they are a couple hours slower than planes need to meet the Midwesterners who are like 'Why bother flying it's only a ten-hour drive'"
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Oh Hell Yeah

Text that reads, "Ages 3-5 my ass - guess who's rollin' in to work on a Batmobile tomorrow" over a pic of a kids' toy car Batmobile
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Funny meme about woman who scratched off decal from car that looks like groot from guardians of the galaxy.
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FAIL brother car prank sister - 1290501

Brother Obliterates Sister's Christmas Dreams with Genius, Coldhearted Prank

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Eating in the Car Be Like

car eating funny web comics - 8796841216
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