car salesman

Funny story about a car seller who tries to troll an entitled buyer | like car also, which is why won't be letting go 9k less than s worth. And not being dik s 7am and got stuff do ready make serious offer let know 07:12 Waste fukin time Absolute dikhead 07:13

Entitled Dude Gets Trolled By Amused Car Seller

Australians, man.
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Funny meme that reads, "Customer: cargo space? Me: car no do that. Car no fly"
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This Bad Boy Can Fit So Many F*cking Car Salesmen In It

"Slaps Roof of Car" meme where the car salesman and the customer are in a kiddie pool, with text that reads, "*splash splash* haha"
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Wholesome text about car sale

Car Sale Turns Into A Heartwarming Act Of Kindess In This Short & Sweet Text Exchange

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"Slaps roof of car meme" where the car salesman says, "*Slaps roof of butterfly* This bad boy is a pigeon" and the car represents a butterfly
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memes and shitposts about nothing in particular other than *TRYING* to be funny

28 Memes & Sh*tposts To Help You Procrastinate

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Sooo Many

'Slaps roof of car meme' with a pic of a jail that says "This bad boy can fit so many bad boys in it"
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Funny meme about car salesman, bear, run.
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