You're Drunk Roo

bathrooms captions drunk kangaroos Memes stop it toilet paper toilets - 6564242944
By Unknown

Ermahgerd, Ferrsh Flerks!

bubbles captions derp Ermahgerd fish Memes - 6460416512
By Unknown

And They Also Didn't Caption Me

captions First World Prob First World Problems languages newspaper read - 6372451328
By Jelle161994


bass captions hilarious racist wtf - 5818461952
By FanNotANerd

Enjoying Media

GIF of a gentleman in a recliner with the bottoms spinning and words saying this man is the boss.
By Unknown

Depression Dog Passes the Buck

captions depression Depression Dog dogs forever alone memebase - 4950344960
See all captions By Unknown

Forever Alone: Titles, Too

builder captions forever alone meta - 4806671872
See all captions By loltardslol

I worshiped Inglip Before captions

captions Hipster Kitty inglip - 4525900544
See all captions By lawlpwnd350
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