Uh Oh

Funny meme about using a captcha to select all the bikes, a sliver of wheel is in one box, sweating jordan peele.
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They Have To Cover Every Possible Scenario

Tweet that reads, "I bought a car today, and the dealership had me check off - with a pen on paper - that I'm not a robot;" someone replies below, "*Sweats coolant*"
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It's Happening

Funny meme about robot tricking captcha.
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Beep Boop Beep

Tumblr post that reads, "Reblog if you would date a robot. I'm not a robot, I'm just asking for a friend. I have skin;" someone replies telling said person to read a CAPTCHA if they in fact not a robot
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Captcha Saves Lives

web comics captcha robots Captcha Saves Lives
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Pls Halp

image captcha tumblr Pls Halp
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One Captcha Away From Devastating Confoundment

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That Was Our Last Line of Defense!

captcha artificial intelligence - 8755040768
captcha recaptcha Video - 72730369

If You've Ever Had to Use reCaptcha, You Know This Feeling

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Captcha Trolling

rage trollface captcha - 8187470336
Created by Memeguy85

"Oh God, What Do I Do?"

captcha recaptcha - 8069219584

Another One?

captcha - 8031587584

Good Luck...

metal Music captcha recaptcha black metal - 7958239488

Pretty Pweez?

forever alone no guy captcha no - 7771053824

Sonic Has Gotta Eat Them Fast

rings captcha funny nom nom nom sonic - 7346276608
Via The Metal Manatee

But I Just Wanted to Share Special Information About Singles in YOUR AREA

captcha robots sad but true - 7336446976
Created by BreakdownFreak
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