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Food Theory: The Disturbing Lore of M&Ms

This has to be the candy with the most deranged ad execs.
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Got It

funny meme about how people shouldnt shame you for what you eat, veganism, cannibals, penguins, jim halpert, the office
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Twitter reacts to allegations of Armie Hammer's cannibalistic sexting, direct messages, twitter reactions, funny tweets | Me: I wonder how tumblr is reacting to the armie hammer stuff? Tumblr: cannibal armie hammer mood board by yours truly | rae @rachellobaugh no one: armie hammer: I am going to create a horny dm that is so cannibalistic

Armie Hammer's Kinky Cannibalistic DMs Are Freaking Twitter Out

Whoa there, Armie
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That's A Pretty Bad Typo...

Funny news headline that reads, "Autocorrect nightmare: typo in Bill C-45 legalizes cannibalism instead of cannabis
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How Dark

Funny meme about Disney's Donald Duck being sick because they eat chicken.
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Holy Childhood-Ruiner, Was There Cannibalism in WALL-E?!

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Two Days Later: MEAT!

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The Shocking Reality Behind Ice Cream Cones

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Never Trust a Shifty-Eyed Horse

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Didn't Really Think That One Out Now Did You?

cannibalism island beach web comics - 8433739776
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A Couple of Real Man-Eaters Right There

cannibalism dating web comics - 8402644736
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The Ultimate I Told You So

cannibalism climate change sad but true web comics - 8303056384
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So That's Why the Chicken Crossed the Road

chicken cannibalism roads web comics - 8259620864
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Cannibals Are Almost as Bad as Gluten Free People

cannibalism wtf web comics - 8177195008
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Harsh Grammar Lesson

grammar cannibalism classic web comics - 8133882624
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Desserted Island

cannibalism island puns web comics - 8110202112
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