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Dank Memes That Challenge The Notion That Video Games Cause Violence

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Funny protest signs, candy crush

17 Clever Protest Signs That We Can Get Behind

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You Could Say She...Crushed Her With Candy

News headline about girl who killed her roommate with a bag of jelly beans
Via RogueGaladriel

Stay Vigilant

Dark but funny cartoon about someone who doesn't want to accept candy crush invite on phone even though grandma is dying.
Via Tubeytoons

Okay, Forget the Arcade Version of Flappy Bird, Because This is the REAL Devil's Game

arcade candy crush - 8598627840
Created by Unknown

Scumbag Girlfriend


Arcades These Days Are Depressing


Crush ALL the Candy!

candy crush all the things - 8259609856
Created by Unknown
candy crush honest trailers - 61382401

Honest Trailers - Candy Crush Saga

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It's a Beautiful Day to Match Sweets

birthday mobile games candy crush - 8177042176
Created by Anon

Shots Fired

mobile games candy crush - 8092207104
Created by Unknown

Why I Don't Play Candy Crush

steam candy crush PC - 8041115136
Created by Unknown

People Spend Money on This?

candy crush video games - 7856755712
Created by Unknown

For Real Though, Can I Get Some Lives?

candy crush - 7856713984
Created by Unknown

In Other Words, This is Hell

candy crush mobile games - 7836539136
Created by RagnarokDreamer

Dang Candy Crush...

candy crush all the things - 7799333632
Created by hedgie777 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )
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