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Wholesome: Math Nerds Unite to Help Redditor Win Day off From Work

This is what Reddit is truly made for.
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Funniest Tweets About Peoples’ Controversial Opinions Regarding Candy Corn

Funniest Tweets About Peoples’ Controversial Opinions Regarding Candy Corn

The candy that splits America
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A compilation of check your children's Halloween candy tweets

The Funniest "Check Your Kid's Halloween Candy" Tweets

The local news : one of my favorite sources of misinformation. For the past 10 years (and honestly, probably even longer than that), every local news station in the country has recycled the same tired warnings about drugs or razor blades being snuck into their children's Halloween candy. They broadcast images of colorful candy-like substances and tell parents to watch out, as drug dealers are dead set on secretly imbuing these devilish substances into the bodies of innocents. Of course, this is…
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Woman who is a dietician writes a long and creative review of Brach's Turkey dinner candy corn, gross, gross food, bad food, lol, thanksgiving dinner, green beans, stuffing, coffee, turkey

Brave Dietician Reviews Brach's Turkey Dinner Candy

Some things shouldn't exist. And we can say without a shadow of a doubt that Brach's ‘Turkey Dinner' candy corn bags fall into that category. As a passionate hater of all things candy corn, this confection's existence shakes me to my core. And yet, it piqued my curiosity in a different way than Bertie Bott's Every Flavored Beans. Jelly Belly's take on a Harry Potter creation consists of their classically delicious flavors mixed in with some seriously heinous flavor profiles like vomit, earwax,…
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