A compilation of memes about Canada and Canadians

Canada Memes For Proud Canadians

Oh, Canada! It might not be my home and patriot land, but it is glorious and free! On behalf of all Americans, I'd like to apologize to the Canadian public for what South Park has done to your people. I've done my research, and I'm now confident that South Park's depiction of Canadians as beady-eyed, flapping-headed people is nothing but hearsay. Even though I will be a Terrance and Phillip stan until I die and defend Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus till the cows come home, I unders…
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Funny dank memes entitled "Invest Button" featuring Robert Herjavec from the TV show 'Shark Tank' | Panasonic invented refrigerator comes if call INVEST | AMK3 @yodarlin_ Yoooo imagine this but as cereal. INVEST chocolate tips of ice cream cones

'Invest Button' Memes Are For People Who Have Brainy Ideas

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Funny memes about Canada | Ontario be like NTo left! Take detour y'all Road closed this time! Right lanes, 2 closed Left lanes, 2 closed FREEEEEEZE! Everybody traffic jam! dancing construction worker | Gordon Ramsay Canadians are Americans An Idiot Sandwich

Seventeen Canada Memes For Our Neighbors To The North

Thank God it's not winter, amirite?
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Funny dank memes about Canada, being Canadian | bane vs pink guy: living Canada thinking l'll be safe WII Canada being biggest ally America. pleased sully Canadians: Ugh Americans are so fat they eat so many burgers, especially fries Chef puts Gravy and Cheese Curds on Fries Canadians

Canadian Memes To Get You Canucks Through The Winter

We hear you like memes, eh?
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Funny memes and moments from the Canadian show 'Letterkenny'

'Letterkenny' Memes And Moments That Are Far Better Than Chorin'

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20 Canada Day Memes In Honor Of America's Hat

20 Canada Day Memes In Honor Of America's Hat

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40 Canadian Memes That'll Have You Poutine On Your Shoes To Go Right To Tim Horton's

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Just A Little Wind Chill, That's All

Caption that reads, "Canadians: whatev, it's not even that cold out; Canada: ..." above a pic of a cracked egg frozen on the sidewalk
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degrassi memes

14 Degrassi Memes That Only The Most Dedicated Fans Will Understand

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The End Times Are Near

Pic of a bottle of maple syrup tat expires on "10/02/151441" above Tumblr caption that reads, "The year is 151441. Humanity is on its last string of life. Food is scarce. The last bottle of maple syrup has expired. Hope is dying fast. The Canadians have fallen"
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16 Canada Memes That'll Give You A Strong Urge To Apologize For Everything

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Funny video of a canadian robbery, yakety sax benny hill.

Canadian Robbery Attempt Gone Hilariously Wrong Is So, So Right

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One Does Not Simply Walk Away From Saying Sorry To A Canadian

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Yes, But You Go to Canadian Heaven

heaven real life canadian google - 6991163392
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deadpool canadian wolverine - 3500008704
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What's That All Aboot?

art canadian earth facebook - 5846920448
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