can i speak to the manager

Karen Got Owned

Funny meme where a store manager makes a sign that tells Karens that they cannot speak to the manager
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Funny tweets roasting Kim Kardashian for her tweets to Jack in the box fast food restaurant.

Kim Kardashian Is Getting Rekt After Going Full Karen On Jack In The Box

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You Need To Balance Your Chakra

Text that reads, "Have you tried speaking to the manager...within?" over an animated pic of a middle-aged woman appearing to meditate
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You Must Defeat All Of The Bosses

Pics of various middle-aged women who demand to speak to the manager, ending with a 'final boss' with huge hair who says, "I require the presence of the board of directors"
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Well, They've Got My Support

Sign outside of a coffee shop that reads, "Come in and try the worst coffee one woman on Trip Adviser had in her life"

And Then She Asked To Speak To The Manager

Stupid person asks if the solar eclipse can be moved to a different day
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Nature Is So Amazing!

Funny meme about the haircuts of middle aged american women, do not touch.
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