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The Best Dungeons & Dragons Memes of the Week (August 18, 2023)

Good day, daring druids, clever clerics, and rambunctious rangers! It's Friday, and you know what that means. That's right! It's time for a hearty collection of Dungeons & Dragons memes . It's not easy to build a dependable D&D crew. Gathering a handful of individuals for regular multiple-hour sessions requires commitment. But when you succeed, it's beautiful. For my last campaign , we ran a customized version of 3.5. The mix of personalities within our group fit perfectly with the characters w…
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Funny memes that mock Joe Biden's presidential campaign called '"I'm on Team Joe" | ON TEAM JOE GOT HAIRY LEGS kids used rub my leg BIDEN PRESIDENT Text JOE 30330 Create own at Biden L Data Rates Hay ApTet HELP forInfo. Teat STOP opt eut No purchase necessary

Joe Biden Gets Trolled With His Cringey 'I'm On Team Joe' Campaign

Poor ol' Joe.
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Unpopular Opinion

Object-label meme where water coming out of a sink represents "the world's problem" and someone trying to cut the water stream with scissors represents "online petitions"
Via PrincessTrunks

Oh How Wrong You Were

campaign Multiplayer video games - 8053800704

Good Game Crysis 3

campaign crysis crysis 3 video games - 7349179904

Halo 4 Campaign

campaign buttons Halo 4 - 6823680768

Bob Dole's Campaign Website from 1996 Still Exists

old campaign history Bob Dole website - 6764029696
Via Dole, Kemp '96

Gotta Make That Money Back Somehow

rage Republicans campaign angry GOP delicious money - 6761078784
thank you campaign speech barack obama election crying - 44282369

President Obama Thanks his Campaign Staff

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Thanks for Coming, Though

campaign victory Mitt Romney lost - 6744681216
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I Know Who I'm Voting For

transformers campaign signs election - 6742264832
Via Reddit
campaign Mitt Romney interviews ohio rally supporters - 44137217

Interviews with Romney Supporters

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The Romney Campaign's New Slogan

campaign Mitt Romney slogan happy - 6723910912
Via Cosmocology

Really Going After Those Swing Voters

campaign Mitt Romney relatable bus - 6720876288
Via Citizen Schwartz

Obama, Romney, and Sandy

campaign Mitt Romney issues barack obama election hurricane sandy - 6720837376

I Hope You Can Hear Me Because I'm Pandering as Loud as I Can

campaign pandering florida barack obama old people election - 6700195072
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