man dresses as a working digital camera for Halloween, goes viral

The Internet Goes Wild for Man's Insanely Creative Halloween Costume as a Working Digital Camera

Complete with flash, viewfinder to see your photo, and a QR code to download it!
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A compilation of memes about being on a film set

Movie Set Memes For Film Crews

Contrary to popular belief, most film sets are not glamorous. Even if you go back to the alleged “golden age” of Hollywood, everyone working on a film set was being worked to
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Emmanuel the Camera-Hostile Emu Wins Hearts with Continued Internet Antics

He knew he had to do it to em.
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A Roll Of Camera Memes For Committed Film Enthusiasts

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Woman Gets Busted Sneaking Date Into Mom’s House

The Ring doorbell strikes again
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Guy Badmouths Girlfriend’s Dad In Front Of His Doorbell Camera, Instant Regret Ensues

Caught in 4K.
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Funny memes about photography, photographers | one taught love professional camera one taught patience Lightroom program logo one taught pain error Card1 cannot be accessed. Reinsert change card1 or format card1 with camera | Does hurt? Yes lot Will tag photographer or do slap again? photographerhumor

Fifteen Photography Memes You Can Easily Focus On

Get it? Focus?
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On My Way

Funny meme that reads, "Her: Hey come over; Bigfoot: I can't; Her: I have a very low resolution shaky camera to record; Bigfoot: ..." above a pic of a Bigfoot riding a motorcycle
Via AyeeJimbo

Very Clever

Funny meme that reads "My dad went to Vegas for five days and put a camera in the house but that ain't stopping me" above photos of a camera pointing at a picture of the living room
Via LeoSenior

I'm Ugly :(

Funny classical art meme about how you look in the mirror versus how you look in photos
Via meowmeowmix


Sign on the wall that says, "Dance like no one is watching" right below a very obvious camera
Via KrullTheWarrior
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28 Depressingly Relatable Memes That'll Make You Feel Less Alone

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camera prank Video - 79796993

There Might Be a Flaw in This "Social Experiment"

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Delete That Picture, Quick!

spooky camera mistake Delete That Picture, Quick!
Via tastefullyoffensive

And for a Second I Thought I Looked Good Today

smart phones camera - 8762088448
Created by Unknown

Definitely Not Sitting on That Seat

camera IRL research scary toilet wtf - 5006240256
Created by maxystone
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