Someone Paid Mark McGrath Of Sugar Ray To Break Up With Her Boyfriend Via Cameo

Long distance relationships are hard. There's the lack of physical intimacy, dealing with different time-zones, and for many people, the constant worry of a wandering eye. When it all gets to be too much, you either choose to end it via phone, or in person, if you're exceptionally mature. Neither of these options seemed suitable to one very creative woman named Cheyenne. Cheyenne decided to use Cameo to break up with her long distance boo, Brayden - and chose Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray to deliver the difficult news. 

This is the first Cameo breakup we've ever seen, and the tweet that brought it to our attentionhas gone completely viral - so we're willing to bet this is novel to a lot of people. Even the responses are pure gold, low-effort "When It's Over" reference included. 

Funny video of Mark McGrath breaking up with boyfriend Brayden for woman Cheyenne who paid him to make Cameo video, twitter responses, funny tweets
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