What Do You WANT, Greg?

call Okay phone prank voice - 5296037376
Created by Unknown

Paranoid Parrot: Just in Time to Hear My Screams

911 alone call car Death night Paranoid Parrot - 5270118656
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No, My GF Doesn't Know We're Together...

call forever alone friends gf phone what - 5254037248
Created by wisher2good


call double meaning fun good Hall of Fame innuendo time twist - 5255800576
Created by Unknown

Sadly They Make You Solve Your Own Questions

call double meaning equation Hall of Fame literalism math problem problems - 5227836160
Created by maxystone

Nevermind, I Solved It

call hotline math problem - 5227836928
Created by maxystone

He Could Really Use Some Obedience Schooling...

call calling double meaning Hall of Fame literalism lost phone - 5221995008
Created by Dave ( Via )

Socially Awkward Penguin: The Kid Who Says "Present"

call moment present roll socially awkward penguin teacher - 5184939264
Created by Unknown
911 call IRL phone telemarketer Video - 24563201

It Is Illegal to Prank Call 911

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Socially Awkward Penguin Sits By the Phone

3 call lies life phone socially awkward penguin - 5105935360
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A Representative Will Be With You Shortly

call i lied important phone - 5099561984
Created by zachlolz

Guess We're Not Friends

call friend ignored Okay Rage Comics Sad - 5091171584
Via I Raff I Ruse


call calling koala literalism lolwut phone similar sounding stretch talking - 5077132288
Created by Unknown

Just Leave a Note, Mom

call Home Alone lunch mom Rage Comics sleeping - 5056482560
Created by Rawrmahbacon

As Long As You Don't Call Me Late for Dinner

abbreviation call double meaning literalism map name state - 5023638784
Created by Ryan Sharman

Internet Husband Answers the Call

adventure boob call flying grab Internet Husband - 5005496320
See all captions Created by Uncle_Gus