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20+ Times Online Marketplaces Were Delightfully Weird

Ebay could never.
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buying usa today spending twitter wtf millennials poor people roast young people funny tweets - 8345093

Tone-Deaf Tweet By USA Today Shames Millennials For Spending Too Much On 'Nonessential Items'

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It's One Better Than Four

apple buying iphone 5 Pie Chart - 6584879104
Created by Emmer ( Via Just Say Mehbe )

I Don't Want to Play This Game Anymore

buying video games - 6545647360
Created by Rage_Machine

Comixed: Just Need to Raise Your Credit Limit

best of week buying Memes tanks the internets - 6349092608
Via Motifake

Time to Return Home in Shame

buying olympics the internets - 6324702208
Via Invisible Bread

Every Time

buying grocery stores - 6301082880
Via Showers With Sharks

Money Well Spent

best of week buying video games - 6254100992
Via Dueling Analogs

The Store Where You Have to Live With Whatever They Give You

april fools buying existential store the internets - 6049809408
Via Marc Gilgrey

Where Is Your MOST Expensive Tupperware?

buying Rage Comics stealing store theft - 5888580352
Created by Unknown

Never Ending Cycle of Costing You Money

buying headphones money - 5573864192
Created by brony_pilgrim

Pay and Get Played

buying movies Pirate - 5101968896
Created by Epicluce

Good Guy Greg: An Advocate of Shareware

buying Good Guy Greg license payment WINRAR - 4912736512
See all captions Created by Unknown

Paranoid Parrot: Buy Gum Just in Case

buying gum Paranoid Parrot shoplifting stolen store - 4844658688
See all captions Created by Anona_mouse


buying embarassed faster grocery store Pie Chart self checkout - 3175817216
Created by carielie


actually buying drinking Pie Chart sitting skiing time waiting - 3160945920
Created by hayleyjane
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