Everyone Hates Me

Funny meme about one thinking that people only want to hang out with them because they feel sorry for them
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That's Gotta Be It

Blue button meme where the caption reads, "Child: My stomach hurts;" the hand represents 'Moms' and the button represents "It's because of that phone"
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Sir, Please Stop Pressing the Button

button dreams attention image - 8997576960
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Great Idea

button Memes naps image - 8989267968
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Oh, Is THAT What That Button Does?

web comics button hats Oh, Is THAT What That Button Does
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So... More Buttons Is What I'm Hearing

web comics fashion So... More Buttons Is What I'm Hearing
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Saved That Too

button relationships funny - 7674620672
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bacon button computer delicious Pure Awesome - 5415792896
Created by OBl-WAN-SHlNOBl

But It Wants to Be Tickled!

annoying button im-watching-you loud Rage Comics toy - 5292837376
Created by Unknown

Time Spent When A Pop-Up Ad Comes Up

Bar Graph button close finding looking - 3099381248
Created by Unknown

Let's All Ride the Trolololevator!

all the things button elevator trolling - 8413139968
Created by JAG-01

What Does it Do?

wtf button funny machine - 8292853760
Created by Unknown

And Never Will

button unsee funny - 7836682496
Created by xyzpdq1

The Greatest Button Ever

button history clear - 7668221696
Created by Unknown

Please Press The Button

reboot sign button universe - 3315617280

Alternately, F4 is Pretty Swell Button Too

button literalism - 7080708608
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