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You're Going to Spend the Whole Time in Bed Anyway, Right?

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Drarry Confirmed

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Wanna Put It in Someone's Poop Chute But Don't Know How? Here are Some Tips, Illustrated With Food

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For When the Status Quo Isn't Enough Anymore

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This Teacher May Have Gotten More Than He Bargained for When Asking This Kid to Share a Joke With the Class

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This Finnish Energy Wants to Get Solar Power Where the Sun Don't Shine

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Freedom From Germs

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Sex Stuff

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Ass-ume the Position!

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Raising Crack Awareness

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That's a Whole Lot of Romance

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Prepare the Fart Machine, then Toot it and Boot it!

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The Man Knows What He Likes

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That Truck Has a Serious Agenda

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Sign Me Up!

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