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'I told him that I could not drop him off': Bus driver schools rude passenger with deserved malicious compliance

The price of public transit
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Public Transit Memes for Car Haters and Train Enjoyers

And this one is fare free
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20+ Funny Public Transit Memes to Celebrate Car Free Day

Yay, trains
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20+ Bus Memes For Public Transit Users Pulling The Yellow Cord

The cord on the bus goes "yank yank yank"
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Entitled Parent Gets Roasted for Asking Person in Wheelchair to Move So She Could Sit on Bus

Most decent able-bodied human beings out there don't even have to think before offering their seat on the bus to an elderly person or someone with a disability. It's one of those basic unspoken rules in society that everyone ought to understand. Of course, there are always people who won't get up for one reason or another, whether out of sheer absentmindedness or maybe just not giving a shit, but it's pretty rare to experience someone so entitled that they actually have the audacity to ask a pe…
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Urbanist Memes For Train Boys

Do you hate cars? Well do I have some memes for you!
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A compilation of memes about urbanists and urbanism

Urbanist Memes For Public Transit Enjoyers

Say no to cars
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'Two Guys On a Bus' is Twitter's New Favorite Meme Format

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funny, funny memes, bus, stupid memes | When the bus driver starts going before you can find a seat person with a case falling
Via HousePlantFather

Watch Out

Funny dank meme that reads, "French Revolution: *happens;* French nobility: ..." above a photo of a misplaced ad on a bus that makes it look like a kid's head was cut off
Via Matsk1

Oh Dear

Funny meme about a public bus
Via antoniocandelaria49

This Kid Is Going To Be A Successful Lawyer Some Day

Funny tweet that reads, "Never forget the time my brother missed the bus and wrote my mom this note" above a funny note written by a child who missed the bus to school
Via anlyin
Funny video of a guy who tries to take an ATM on the bus with him

Bold Guy Tries To Take An ATM Home With Him In This Hysterical Video

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It's Called Fashion Sweaty, Look It Up

Caption that reads, "Y'all ever just say 'fuck it' and ride the subway with a piece of lettuce on your head?" above a pic of a woman on a bus with lettuce on her head
Via CringeCreator

Look Away

Caption that reads, "When you make eye contact with a stranger on public transport" above panel pics of puppet characters awkwardly looking at each other and then looking away
Via doodlydoodledumdum

The Hero We Needed

Caption that reads, "This lil a**hole wouldn't move his legs for three adults, so this guy comes and just SITS on his legs" above a pic of a little kid playing video games while taking up three seats; then a guy comes and sits on top of his legs and people around him look shocked
Via MsClearSIight
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