We Also Can't Put An Adequate Amount Of Guac On Our Burritos!

Funny stock photo meme about someone being hired to work at Chipotle
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These Are Very Important Questions

Pic of a Google search that reads, "Can Jesus..." with auto-populated fields about whether he can microwave a burrito
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Funny meme about burritos hurting your tummy.
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The Definition of Luxury

burrito cars image - 8991495424
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Except in Colorado.

clever burrito signs - 8984852224
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It Has Been Kickin' All Day

baby burrito pregnant - 8822941696
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If You're an Idiot Who Can't Properly Eat a Burrito Without Making a Mess, This Video is for You

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You Can Expect It to Arrive Around Two in the Morning

funny memes burrito baby

I'll Never Let Go

funny memes titanic chipotle

Life Hack: Six Ways to Maximize the Size of Your Chipotle Burrito Without Paying Extra

funny memes chipotle burrito life hack
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taco burrito - 4417626112
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A Magical And Wondrous Food

cat taco burrito typo spelling funny - 8471867136
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Best Night Ever

burrito dinner Cats funny - 8322236160
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Every Creature Loves Burritos

burrito squirrel funny animals - 8246959616
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Chipotle Burritos Are Very Messy

burrito chipotle Okay - 8188231936
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Where Will You Be

poop drunk burrito funny - 8149225472
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