Depressing Twitter reactions about the Amazon rain forest being on fire

The Amazon Rainforest Is Currently On Fire (10 Reactions)

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Pretty Much Every Day

Caption that reads, "Increasing the temperature bit by bit during your shower to see how much your body can take" above a pic of Elmo appearing to raise hellfire
Via anlyin

It's Only a Flesh Wound

burning hand sanitizer Rage Comics wound - 5113482240
By Unknown


burning college fire alarm Pie Chart - 5985696512
By SJ_M__

You Can't Stop the Burning

cute burning funny panda - 7958422528
By Unknown

Burning the Intestines at Both Ends

burning food funny Thai - 7946935808
By Unknown

Hotels Should Provide This Luxury

burning funny nips wtf - 7902513664
By Unknown

Probably Burns When They Pee

wtf burning fire funny - 6812960256
By Unknown

Really Can Think of a Few Mornings When This is Necessary

wtf burning makes sense no no tubes funny - 7346395136
Via Awkward Stock Photos

Some Serious Life Lessons

burning fire education - 3017427968
By Unknown

Coke-Cola Nostril Inferno

rage guy burning soda coke sneeze FUUUUU - 6856307712
By HiddenCheezburga09

I Should Apply a Sepia Filter so It Looks Old!

wtf burning Photo genius - 6854487552
By Unknown

Just a Little More to the Left...

burning shower temperature omg - 6824077824
By Unknown

JK, Need New Batteries

burning food - 6724074240
By arisauthor

Not as Straight Forward as We All Thought

fall burning - 6662739712
Via Bite

Save Yourself!

Bar Graph burning - 6652239616
Via Coolness Graphed
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