It's Hard Out There For A Thief

Funny photo of an unemployment benefits application being filled out by a burglar, where they say the reason for it is that "Everyone is home"
Via bowings691
Funny tweets about things people would steal to slightly inconvenience someone's day

Hypothetical Burglars Reveal The Little Things They Would Steal To Ruin Someone's Day

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It's Been Nice Knowing You All

Home Alone oh god why funny burglar - 7511058432
By Unknown

Bad Luck Burglar

black and white gif of two burglars trying to break a window and hitting themselves in the head
By anselmbe

The Most Disappointed Thief in the World

cars true story thief burglar - 7716158720
By swisskun

My Hero!

robbers fapping burglar - 7644695296
By Unknown

A Wild Burglar Appears!

scary dogs robbery burglar - 7584199168
By kamomobaby

Gordon Freeman: At Least He Doesn't Say a Word

burglar gordon freeman video games - 5043028224
See all captions By JelleLaton

Cat Burglar

burglar Cats Caturday cute gifs puns windows - 4990692352
By Unknown

The Sims: BFFs

best friends burglar The Sims - 4484830464
By tgame14