liars, cringe, fail, quit your bullshit, fail, bullshit, reddit, stupid people, twitter, lies, fake news, funny, memes, funny reviews | Here's paw under an X-Ray didnt know needed see this. These are x-ray's cat paws not | soldiers never owned slaves and had almost nothing do with north did not need start war slaughtered hundreds thousands teenagers US is only place ended slavery with war. Saint-Domingue, now Haiti, also ended slavery war Haitian Revolution 1791-1804.

Total Liars Who Were Called Out For Their BS

These deceivers got what they deserved
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Blatant liars who got called out on social media for their bullshit, funny, owned, fail | temperature those stores is atrocious. There is no air circulation whatsoever. No way hell can anybody be there with mask on 05 3h Like Reply Funny am an old lady with asthma and can wear one stores with no problem. Yeah gets little hot sometimes. But would rather be little uncomfortable than end up with tube shoved down my throat, or make another sick. Funny short old women can wear mask and leave her home

20 Satisfying Times Liars Got Called Out For Their BS

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Caption that reads, "When your parents vaccinated you and you had to live a full life and become an adult" above a pic of a guy saying, "So this is bullsh*t"
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This Is BS

Tweet that reads, "Weekends as an adult really suck. Friday: you work until 5 and you're too tired to do anything. Saturday: You want to chill but you have to run errands and be productive. Sunday: You're mad all day because it's already almost Monday"
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It's All Truly BS

Tweet about how fake college discussion boards are
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Wow, How Insightful!

Chart that asks what your fingerprints say about you, ends with "they're just fingerprints, you goddamn moron"
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