Funny memes and tweets about Microsoft's announcement that it would be retiring their browser, Internet Explorer.

Netizens Mourn & Celebrate the Impending Death of Internet Explorer, the Web's Most Memeable Browser

Goodbye sweet prince.
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Late As Always

Funny meme about how internet explorer is always late to things, funny ebola virus, covid-19, coronavirus
Via u/MonkeyLord_11

Just Studying, Mom!

Funny meme about alt tabs
Via Crispyray

A Simple Bit of Browser Advice

browsers Actual Advice Mallard google chrome mozilla firefox - 8233056000

Well Now I Just Feel Bad!

browsers internet explorer - 8073068288
By Unknown

The Message From Beyond The Grave

browsers web comics history - 8025350656
Via Optiness

This is Amazing

browsers okay guy google chrome mozilla firefox - 6555130880
By Unknown

That Moment When You Click 'X' as Soon as It Loads...

browsers loading - 7618917632
By Unknown

Hold On, Updating

browsers the internet slow internet explorer funny - 7556656384
By Unknown

Internet Troubles

browsers facepalm internet connection funny - 7039373568
By TheNicaraguan

What's a Google Chrome?

browsers google chrome brothers - 6556966912
By Unknown

Browser Battles

browsers mozilla firefox internet explorer - 7142990848
By CrazyCalvinWilliams

It Still Exists!

browsers AOL - 7099297280

Have You Seen All Her Toolbars?

browsers internet explorer bullying - 7067217408
By Unknown

Do You Want Me to Be Your Default Employee?

browsers comics internet explorer - 7064264192
By Unknown

All the Facebook Shortcuts You Will Ever Need

browsers internet facebook social media - 7019629824
Via Forbes
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