Reddit thread about a rude guy who calls his brother ugly in front of his blind girlfriend after announcing her pregnancy

Rude Guy Calls His Brother Ugly in Front of His Blind Girlfriend After Her Pregnancy Announcement

I can't imagine how difficult it must be to date as a blind person . I'm sure every hack has a hot take about who would date a blind person, and they're all pretty insulting. "This guy is so ugly; he could only pull a blind chick!" "Good thing he can't see her because if he could, he'd be in for a rude awakening." News flash: blind people are not clueless about the nuances of attractiveness just because they do not experience sight the same way sighted people do. Blindness does not make people…
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Cheater Leaves Wife To Marry Side Chick, Slams Brother For Joking About It In The Wedding Speech

Left speechless
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Fascinating Thread Wonders Why Siblings Can Be So Different

Why else would they fight?
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20+ Memes That Capture the Struggle of Having Siblings

Not for only children.
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Sibling Memes For The Annoyed And Appreciative

Love. Hate. We feel it all.
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Dank memes from r/dankmemes subreddit, memes about gaming, memes about being a kid.

19 Dank Memes We Painstakingly Collected Just For You

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Funny memes about old Steve Rogers saying "no, i don't think i will" september 11th, dank memes, chris evan, chris evans memes.

Geriatric Steve Rogers Gets Royally Meme'd In 'No, I Don't Think I Will'

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33 Delightful Memes Of Varying Dumbness

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Hush Now

Funny art meme about siblings.
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Screw It, I'm Just Gonna Use It Until It Rejects the Purchase

jimmy johns math brothers - 7866506496

Why So Mean, Bret?

books brothers - 8085423360


photobomb SOON sibling rivalry glasses brothers - 7888591360
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Thanks, Bro

birthdays birthday cards brothers - 8425924352

The Oldest Trick in the Book

keys brothers web comics - 8372305664
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You Know You Do It...

kids SpongeBob SquarePants TV lol Theme Song brothers - 8110574592
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That's Not Closed!

bedroom door brothers rage - 8087881984
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