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30 Gym Memes for Maximum Gains (February 17, 2024)

Work work, work it out
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28 Workout Memes for Maximum Gains (January 27, 2024)

For beating gymtimidation
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A compilation of NFT and Crypto Bros posting their Ls online

Cringey Times NFT Bros Posted Their Ls Online

What ever happened to NFTs? Earlier this year, it seemed like NFT dudes and crypto bros were part of the new frontier of guys online making poor financial decisions. However, now all you hear about NFTs is that they're becoming more and more useless as time goes on. It was surely fun to “steal” peoples apes via the well known hacker technique of screenshotting
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RIP ;(

Caption that reads, "My boyfriend's gym bro dude broke up with him" above a screenshot of the text where his friend doesn't want to work out with him anymore
Via ThePocho361
twitter funny stories funny tweets funny twitter high school Beef bros bromance stupid fights girlfriend - 6811653

Two High School Guys Get Into Beef Over A Girl In This Hilarious Twitter Saga

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An Awkward Time Was Had

Tweet that reads, "10 years ago today, I married my best friend...My wife's still really angry about it but me and Dave were drunk and thought it was funny"
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So Emotional

Text that reads, "'Do you want to go around the world bro?' 'Yeah bro;' 'Same bro;' *Bro 1 goes around Bro 2* 'Why did you go around me bro?' 'Because you are my world bro;' 'Bro'
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Do You Even Lift Bro

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Inquiring Minds Need To Know

Anime meme of straight guys asking if any physical contact with another guy is gay
Via Rinoplastie
bros marriage funny texts friends college student problems gay - 5573381

Two Straight Dudes Texting About Getting Married Is Absolutely Priceless

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bros friendzone funny - 3828229

11 Bros Forever Stuck InThe Friendzone

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Funny Pictures of Biden and Obama - Biden holding Obama's hand.

The Internet Imagines Barack Obama and Joe Biden as Best Buds and Their "Conversations" Are Hilarious

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Why, God, Why?

Funny meme comparing 1980 to 2017, 1980 thinks there will be flying cars, when actually all we have is Bro Rompers.
Via boywithnojob
bros vine Video - 237575

Just Hanging Out and Enjoying Each Other's Company From Afar

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He Definitely Meant to Say "5x10 Snapchats with the Alternating Filters"

Via bubblyfumbers
beer bros FAIL video games - 79634689

Guy in Jock Strap Chugs Beer Every Time He Dies in Contra, and Almost Perishes in Real Life

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