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Memes & Tweets in Celebration of This Summer's Horny Cicada Invasion

Cicadas are weird creatures. While most species emerge annually, there are some special species in the US that dwell underground for 13 or 17 years before coming up to mate. These groups of the insects are referred to as "broods," and there are a whole lot of them. So many of them hatch at once (to ensure a number survive) that their emergence is actually being picked up by weather radars.

While the insects are harmless, there are a lot of people who would rather they stay in the ground. They're loud. They squirt. And they're bad for your pets. Unfortunately for the cicada haters in the Eastern United States, Brood X is here, and they're not shy. The billion bug brood has even played a hand in pestering the President and delayed the White Housepress plane ahead of Biden's first foreign trip. To some people, the hubbub may seem ridiculous - but one way we're enjoying this entomological event is through memes and tweets. For the next few weeks there are bound to be a lot of 'em, but we've put together our favorites right here for some easy scrolling. 

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