So Magical

Funny and cute meme about a parrot bromance
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RIP ;(

Caption that reads, "My boyfriend's gym bro dude broke up with him" above a screenshot of the text where his friend doesn't want to work out with him anymore
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Such A Beautiful Moment

Caption that reads, "A hand changes everything" above a pic of Sylvester Stallone staring down his opponent in 'Rocky' with a hand photoshopped lovingly caressing his face
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Two High School Guys Get Into Beef Over A Girl In This Hilarious Twitter Saga

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An Awkward Time Was Had

Tweet that reads, "10 years ago today, I married my best friend...My wife's still really angry about it but me and Dave were drunk and thought it was funny"
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So Emotional

Text that reads, "'Do you want to go around the world bro?' 'Yeah bro;' 'Same bro;' *Bro 1 goes around Bro 2* 'Why did you go around me bro?' 'Because you are my world bro;' 'Bro'
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Getting Ready to Sing a Love Song

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The Perfect Pillow for Bros

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bromance hugs boy meets world - 6996838144
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My Little BROny: Bromance Is Magic

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Y U No Guy: Facebook

bromance facebook status - 4593239552
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