This Is Actually How I'd Imagine This Move Looking IRL

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Captain Brock-Vious

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By Mamalugia

These Are Splendid

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They Really Were Donuts!

pokemon memes brocks donuts
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*Shifty Eyes*

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Brock With Rock Lee's Eyes

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The World Will End

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By Unknown

Brock Started His Own Business

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By Driguana (Via big-brown-doe-eyes)

Brock Uses His Trusty Drying Pan to Flirt

brock Pokémon gifs anime drying pan - 8358301696
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Brock's Life is a Constant Struggle

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"Nothing Beats a Jelly Filled Donut Before a Fight!"

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Ash Has Aged, Just Hasn't Grown

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Brock's Drying Pan to the Rescue!

brock drying pan frying pan rain - 8317188864
By Houndoom-Kaboom

"You May Want to See a Doctor About That..."

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By crashbit

Brock's Eyes Are Handy

anime brock wtf - 8305243136
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Poor Brock

brock Pokémon burn heal - 8213706752
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