Your Daily Dose of Vitameme A with These Veggie Funny Dark Green Memes

Your Daily Dose of Vitameme A with These Veggie Funny Dark Green Memes

Time to kick that health kick up a notch!
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Reddit story about an incompetent husband insists on making Thanksgiving dinner, plan fails miserably

Incompetent Husband Insists On Making Thanksgiving Dinner, Plan Fails Miserably

The creation of a Thanksgiving meal is no small feat. The two things that make Thanksgiving dinner such an undertaking are the scale and variety of the meal. First of all, you're probably cooking for more people than you would for a meal with your spouse and 2.5 kids. Usually, extended family is involved, and their mouths must be fed. The variety of sides must provide when hosting Thanksgiving is of the utmost importance. If you don't have mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, green bean…
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A compilation of funny and random memes

Random Memes For One Mr. Rand Om

We've got a fresh hot list of memes for one Mr. Rand Om? Is there a Randy Om in the room? Randolph Om, are you present? No? What a waste. Coming up with clever and funny pun names are one of the few instances where I find the art of punning vaguely tolerable. My friends and I keep a list of different pun names we think of and they range from incredible to abominable: Collin Response, Jaqueline Turn, Miss Taken Identity, Patty O'Furniture, Heather Interior, Cathy Lick. The list goes on and on. P…
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Funny video of a clueless girl at a college sporting event

Very Drunk Girl Tries To Explain Sports

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weird stupid memes, dank memes

'Bread Stapled To Trees' Is The Stupidest Thing You'll Ever See On The Internet

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So Healthful

Funny meme about feeling healthy after eating vegtables.
Via Spicy Designer Memes

I Don't Think They Teach That in School

web comics broccoli monsters I Don't Think They Teach That in School
Via twoscoopsofmonsters

Never Seen Anything That Excited For Broccoli

dogs gifs broccoli pugs - 8572211456

The Saddest Vegetable in Existence

broccoli combination Hall of Fame homophones melancholy melon portmanteau prefix suffix - 6276539392
Via Endless Origami

The Fate of The World's Broccoli Supply

Via Leftover Salad

Oh That's What That Looks LIke

broccoli mushroom funny - 8441026560

Everything Has a Benefit

beer broccoli meat sick truth web comics - 8167196928
Via Jim Benton


food broccoli web comics - 8081962496
Via Bacon Asylum

One of These Cats Really Like Broccoli

Cats broccoli gifs - 8083595008

Body Builders Take Note

nutrition broccoli funny web comics - 7887044096
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

Just When You Thought You Were Going to Eat Something Delicious

trolling broccoli food - 7841724928
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