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Military Bro Accuses Woman Veteran of 'Stealing Valor,' Gets Owned

Most veterans do not want to discuss the details of their military service with random strangers, even if the person asking them questions about it also happened to serve. You'd think that a fellow veteran of all people would understand and respect this unspoken rule, but apparently redditor u/ WhatKindOf__ never got the memo. He recently asked r/amitheasshole if he was in the wrong for accusing a classmate of “stealing valor” simply because she seemed too “demure” to be a veteran and didn't fe…
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A compilation of NFT and Crypto Bros posting their Ls online

Cringey Times NFT Bros Posted Their Ls Online

What ever happened to NFTs? Earlier this year, it seemed like NFT dudes and crypto bros were part of the new frontier of guys online making poor financial decisions. However, now all you hear about NFTs is that they're becoming more and more useless as time goes on. It was surely fun to “steal” peoples apes via the well known hacker technique of screenshotting
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Best "Bro Girl" Memes for All the Ladies Who Love to Rant

Chewing his ear off
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Funny Memes, Stupid Memes, Wholesome Memes | Bro did you seriously not have a well balanced breakfast this morning bro? Bro please just have some bacon and eggs bro. It's the most important meal of the day bro. @middleclaSsfansy
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Funny memes featuring a guy seemingly mansplaining something to a woman who looks uninterested | and at point she realized his Dad's oil money wasn't worth bro tales | So like unless sick can't die virus not afraid shit at all and boys destroyed 4 six packs corona last night and this morning woke up fucking champ Imao. But seriously 's just media

14 Bro-y Memes About Mansplaining

Gotta love a good mansplaining!
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So Magical

Funny and cute meme about a parrot bromance
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It's Swimsuit Season After All

Caption that reads, "Me at the gym asking if anyone is using the five-pound dumbbell" above an image from Spongebob of a skinny fish character asking two muscular characters something
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"When you rub your eyes too hard and get transported to another dimension"
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buff muscular cat

Meet Buff Cat, The Internet's New Favorite Ridiculous Swole Feline

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Never Trust a Blood Sucking Insect

web comics bros Never Trust a Blood Sucking Insect
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Throw Me a Beer Buddy!

beer FAIL gifs bro boats - 8571363072
Created by MarcusLeary


beer bro costume good idea greece - 4466713600
See all captions Created by hannan4mitch
bro Video - 74153985

This Surfer Bro Wants to Go to the Beach After Getting His Wisdom Teeth Out, But He's Too Damn High

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FAIL bro parody trick shot Video win - 73924097

Dude Decent is the Trick Shot Bro-Parody Video No One Asked For

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This is Who You Should Vote For

bro politics web comics - 8555680512
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syrup chug bro gross Video - 73648129

Ready to Feel Like You’ve Accomplished Nothing Today? Watch This Guy Chug a Bottle of Pancake Syrup

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