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Long Live the Funniest Memes of the Immortal Royal Queen Elizabeth II

She's lived long enough to earn some crown jewel memes.
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Devious Boss Tries to Get Away With Wage Theft, Worker Hits Him With Perfect Response

Some bosses seem to really go out of their way to be complete a-holes. What's the point of cheating an already underpaid employee out of £20? At that point it's not just about money—it's about exploiting your position of power to take advantage of people just because you can, and that's pretty twisted. One redditor recently shared a text exchange between a restaurant owner and his new employee , who had initially messaged him inquiring about missing wages. Keep scrolling to see how the infuriat…
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Totally Mental Posts From British Facebook

Comedy gold from across the pond
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British Headlines That Are Far Funnier Than They Are Newsworthy

Contrary to popular (American) belief, not all news across the pond is about Brexit. It doesn't matter where you are in the world—a small town is going to report on small news, and a lot of it can be pretty amusing. Pie shortages, suburban turf wars, illegally imported sprinkles, old men yelling at clouds—global mainstream media could never top the charm of local news stories about ordinary people. Twitter account @CrapLocalNews does a great job of archiving all the weird and comically mundane l
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Very Special Gems From The Guardian's Headline Master Adrian Chiles

We've seen a lot of strange and amusing headlines in our time. While some are funny in their structure, others are funnier because of the content ('Alton Attorney Accidentally Sues Himself'). We're fond of both. Some of our favorites include: 'Macaulay Culkin to legally change name to 'Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin'' (EW) 'Seagulls keep couple hostage in their own home for six days by attacking them every time they leave house' (The Telegraph) ‘Florida Mayor Arrested Just Weeks After Taking O…
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Kid Gets Trampled By Queen’s Guard, Sparks Debate Over Who Is To Blame

It's been controversial
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Bloody Brilliant Banter From The Best Of Brit Twitter

Have some tweets with yer tea
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Chaotic Posts From The Alternate Universe Of UK Facebook

They do things differently across the pond.
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Awkward Moments in British TV That Give Strong 'Alan Partridge' Vibes

Accidental Partridge
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40+ Spicy History Memes for Laughing at the Past

Did you know the Gallipoli front was one of the worst military campaigns of WWI according to British veterans who served there? Neither did I, until I saw some random meme about it that I had to google to understand. Apparently, when the British weren't battling the Ottoman Empire on their turf, they were fighting fly swarms caused by rotting bodies, water shortages, blistering heat, lice, dysentery, and insufficient rations. Pretty nasty stuff. I'm sure there are plenty of history buffs rollin…
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36 Memes & Funny Irish Tidbids For Celtic Souls

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
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37 Scottish Tweets That Are Pure Dead Brilliant

Hilarious patter from Scottish Twitter
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Roasty British Memes That Pack A Wallop

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Funny british memes, english memes, lol | queen has breached containment old woman in purple coat climbing a grate | BRIISH "PEOPLE" BE LIKE THIS WEBSITE USES BISCUITS IMPROVE USER EXPERIENCE

30 Jolly Good British Memes For People Across The Pond

Bri'ish goodness
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Funny Memes, Funny Tweets, Scottish Twitter, Scottish Humor, Twitter | marijuana is legalised Scotland cannabis leaves baked in dough | Lewis X @lewisa95 Imagine buying rug looks like pastry Greggs Love my new rug

36 Absolute Belters From Scottish Twitter

D'ye speak Scots?
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37 Spicy History Memes Full Of Jokes About The Past

Laugh while you learn
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