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Mommy Group Posts That Range From Cringey To Full Karen

As younger people abandon Facebook for Instagram and TikTok, it seems like we're more aware of all the crazies that frequent the social networking site. Some of the best places to find unhinged and ignorant people are mommy/parenting groups. There's an overwhelming number of Covid-19 nonbelievers, people who do extremely weird sh*t with breast milk, and of course - lots of talk of essential oils. If the children are our future, and they're being raised by these people, we might be more screwed than we thought. 

Funny and cringey FAcebook posts from moms, essential oils, coronavirus, covid-19, anti-mask | Does anyone sneak breast milk into their toddlers food give them an extra boost vitamins have little extra each day and think would help protect against Covid do think? 12 38 Comments O Like Comment sneak my milk into scrambled eggs good whole family lol | Them Follow childless person tells they're "tired"
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