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I'm The One Who Body Rocks!

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Mr. White Has a Lot on His Mind

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Let's Hope Walt Doesn't Diesenberg

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Breaking Bad for ALL the Categories!

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Hank Takes His Obsession With Minerals a Little Too Far

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Walter White is Not Know For His Optimism

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Breaking Dead: Meth Causes a Zombie Apocalypse

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I've Never Been so Glad George RR Martin Didn't Write Something

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The Psychology of the Breaking Bad Home Infographic

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The Many Faces of Heisenberg

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Walter White Watches Jeff Daniels Win the Emmy for Best Actor

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Get Back to Normal and I'll Eat Some Breakfast

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The Stakes Get Higher

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Walter White Learns How to Do a Barrel Roll

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Redditor Makes a Breaking Bad Joke in an r/askreddit Thread, The Daily Beast Quotes Him Thinking He's an Actual DEA Agent

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Every Time I Watch Breaking Bad

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