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Caterer Gets Roasted For ‘Squid Game’ Style Breakfast Package

So grateful for my morning rations.
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Tom Cardy's 'The Big Breakfast' Is An Ode To The Most Important Meal Of The Day

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That's a lot of food.

Oh Hell Yeah

Funny meme about archaeologists working from home during COVID-19 quarantine | dinosaur eggs in oatmeal
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Funny roasts from wendy's trying to roast mcdonald's in an attempt to promote their new breakfast menu | Wendy's @Wendys Hey @McDonalds, roast us. bear-ly func @BearCherian Replying Can't find roast setting on their microwave UNO @realUNOgame UNO Replying could never SKIP this. Wendy's @Wendys Draw 4 4

Wendy's Roasts McDonald's To Announce Their New Breakfast Menu

We like their style.
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15 Sugary-Sweet Donut Memes In Honor Of National Donut Day

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Damn Hippies

Cereal box that reads, "Veganic sprouted ancient maze flakes;" someone replies, "What's a 27-letter word for 'corn'"
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People Eat Breakfast?

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The Best Definition Ever Given

Tweet that reads, "Office culture is someone bringing in donuts and everyone for some reason refusing to take a whole one and cutting off 3/8 of the donut and then at the end of the day there's like 17/25ths of nine different donuts left"
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That's A Serious Offense

Tweet that reads, "Y'all pray for my son, nothing wrong with him but I ate his Pop Tart before his class picture and he said he never smiling again" above school photos of a small child looking angry
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No More BS!

Fake ad for "Extreme pulp orange juice" which shows pics of a glass full of just orange slices
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Yeah Wait A Minute...

Caption that reads, "People in movies have this kind of breakfast and they only grab a strawberry and be like, 'gotta go hun!'" above pics of a huge breakfast spread and a guy looking displeased
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Funny memes about food, weed, 4/20.

30 Food Memes To Satisfy Your 4/20 Munchies

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Part Of A Balanced Breakfast

Funny meme about cream of feet cereal.
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Am I Doing This Right?

Funny meme about cooking breakfast after you move out of your parents house.
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Good Morning!

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The Perfect Cereal for Your Little Turd

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