It's True

Caption that reads, "There could be a ghost aggressively break-dancing beside you right and you'd have no idea" above a drawing of a ghost dancing next to a woman working on the computer
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He Got Carried Away There

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This Breakdancing Routine Has Something Just a Little Different Going for It

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Now, These Are Some Hot Moves

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The Combination of Two Humanity's Greatest Achievements

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He's Been Here For a While

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Breakdancing Buddhist Monks

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Ice Turns Everyone into a Break Dancer

Gif of how everyone becomes an awesome break dancer when they are slipping on the ice.
By Unknown

Ice Makes You an Instant Breakdancer

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By Unknown

Popping & Locking

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Spin Cycle

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By ToolBee

What a Curtsey it Is

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By beernbiccies

6-Year-Old Breakdance Champion

gifs kids awesome breakdancing - 7111474688
By Unknown

Break Dancing Gorilla

cool spinning gifs breakdancing gorilla - 7033051648
By _C_A_T_ (Via Youtube)


doing it right wedding breakdancing - 3712221184
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Ghost Breaking the Whip

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By Unknown
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