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Man Cleverly Gets Back at Ex Girlfriend Who Cheated, Moved Out, and Left Him With $800 Vet Bill

Man Cleverly Gets Back at Ex Girlfriend Who Cheated, Moved Out, and Left Him With $800 Vet Bill

What goes around comes around
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Incredulous Exes Share the Worst Ways That They Have Been Dumped

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Baffled Woman Tells Story Of How Her Ex Faked His Own Death To Break Up With Her

So extra
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Dude Creates Foolproof App To Figure Out When Couples Split Up

Tech startups are taking notes
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Woman Breaks Up With Boyfriend, Comes Home To Outrageous Petty Revenge

There are few greater gambles than falling in love . When it goes wrong the consequences can be disastrous. A broken heart is the kind of feeling that only time can heal, but unfortunately that doesn’t make the immediate fallout any less embarrassing and dramatic. For the majority of us, this probably begins and ends with a classic drunk calling habit, or mournfully spying on your ex’s social media after you’ve blocked them. Unfortunately, though, some people take things much, much further. One…
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Funny dating texts, relationship texts, cringe | Contact Messages Jake heading grocery store. Do need anything new boyfriend. So tampons? Got .

17 Dating Texts That Range From Cute To Totally Cringey

Communication is truly the most important part of a relationship . The way you speak to your partner can really make or break a union. Now that we're all able to contact each other at all hours of the day/night, we have way more opportunities to strengthen or destroy the vibes. These texts , which cover both sides of the spectrum, exist to remind you of what to say and what you should never, EVER, ever say if you want your boo to stick around. If you like these textual tidbits, give @weshouldbr…
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Roses Are Red and Our Relationship's Dead

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So Many Feels

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Maybe It's a Little You...

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Hair Accessory Abductions

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Just Stick Your Gills Up

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She Ain't Marrying No Drunk

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They're Just Not Cool Anymore

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Why I Love Break-Ups

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You'll Be a Crazy Cat Lady in No Time!

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It's a Scary Moment

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