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Deranged, Barbie-Obsessed Woman Lives in Life Size, Ridiculous, Pink Fantasy Mansion With a Pink Car, Tiny Dog, and 100 Pairs of Pink Sunglasses

Pretty in pink? More like pretty insane.
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Reddit users share common myths about their counties that are false, incorrect stereotypes

People Share Dumb Myths About Their Countries & Continents

Do better.
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Tumblr thread explains scandal of Flordelis murder, hitman, cult, evangelism, brazilian politics | this is Flordelis. She's brazilian gospel singer, congresswoman, and as just found out this week, murderer and cult leader. She became relatively famous 90s by creating this image saintly, evangelical woman around her. She had 3 biological children and had adopted 5 teenagers (one them is Anderson do Carmo, who would go on become an evangelical pastor, keep mind Those are her Kids. Why Kids“?

Tumblr Thread Explains Brazilian Political Scandal Involving Evangelist Cults And Murder

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Pretty Depressing

Depressing 'Distracted Boyfriend' meme about how the media is reporting more on Spider-Man than the Amazon rain forest burning
Via JoMan1001
Depressing Twitter reactions about the Amazon rain forest being on fire

The Amazon Rainforest Is Currently On Fire (10 Reactions)

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This Overly Dramatic Subway Ad Has Been The Victim Of Utter Mockery By Memers

This Overly Dramatic Subway Ad Has Been The Victim Of Utter Mockery By Memers

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Bad Luck Brazil

brazil world cup bad luck brian olympics - 8754014720


brazil dancing hilarious sexy times - 4601332992
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The Gay Marriage Debate in Brazil Can Be Summed Up With Pepes

Via Know Your Meme
brazil trolltube Video - 71152129

Poltergeist is Real, People...

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brazil trolltube Subway Video - 70423041

A Creepy Dead Girl is the Last Person You Want to Meet on the Subway Late at Night

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brazil trolltube zombie Subway Video - 69887489

One of the Worst Times to Encounter Zombies is When You're Stuck in a Subway Car

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Drone Footage of Favelas

brazil mindwarp gifs drones - 8278771200

Good Guy Brazil

brazil world cup - 8258956800

FIFA '15

brazil fifa video games world cup - 8254669568
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