Funny honest slogans | TRADER JOE'S poor man's Whole Foods. | ONION Real News Dumb People

Honest Slogans That Hit The Nail On The Head

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Article about how KFC Spain @kfc_es is using Twitter to share cursed images and shitposts instead of just pandering to their audience on social media, funny tweets | single fried chicken drum | Cornn Flaek cryptid eating from a bucket of KFC fried chicken

KFC Spain Is Taking Over Twitter With Cursed Shitposts

Move over, Denny's. There's a new sheriff in town.
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Twitter thread from lawyer about hypocritical brands posting about black lives matter, microsoft, reese's, hershey's, prada | Respectable Lawyer @RespectableLaw Microsoft built products using cobalt extracted by 8-year-old mining slaves Democratic Republic Congo. Microsoft O @Microsoft 22h #NewProfilePic Today will continue uplift voices Black and African American community at Microsoft | Respectable Lawyer @RespectableLaw Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are made using cocoa extracted by 8- year-old

Twitter Thread Calls Out Hypocrisy Of 'Woke' Brands' Black Lives Matter Posts

Virtue signaling is easy.
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funny tweets from netflix, things you can say during sex but also when you're a brand twitter account

Saucy Brands Share The Naughtiest Tweets They Can Get Away With

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Funny don't have a bookmark twitter meme

Brands & Trolls Embrace Destructive 'Don't Have A Bookmark' Memes

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28 Cringey times brands and adults tried to speak millennial, sad attempts at meme references, bad advertising.

28 Cringey Times Brands And Adults Tried To Speak Millennial

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Happy Pride!

Funny meme about how corporations try to use gay pride to benefit themselves.
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Sunny D, twitter, depression, brands, "i can't do this anymore," brands on twitter.

Sunny D Is Getting Meme'd After Tweeting Some Seriously Bleak Sh*t

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Funny meme about brands after Pride
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Funny twitter reactions to International house of pancakes (ihop) changing name to ihob.

IHOb Just Revealed What The 'B' Stands For And Nobody's Into It

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Funny brands on twitter and tumblr, denny's, wendy's, capri sun.

44 Times Brands Completely Destroyed On Social Media

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